Case Studies

Our Case Studies

We serve Fortune 2000 enterprises, for harnessing their expertise, improving their operations, and evolving unique strategies for achieving sustained excellence. The following case studies provide an insight into a cross-section of our engagements.

Outsourcing Courtesy Calls and Data Transcription

A UK based Solutions Design and Services Company required 20,000 transcriptions per day to 3 million Courtesy calls per annum to be done cost effectively and almost over night. PRGL was asked to

    • Explore the feasibility of offshoring these services.
    • Estimate the cost savings.
    • Identify likely Service Providers who would have the necessary bandwidth, skills, technology and financial willingness to undertake this project.
    • Help find skilled cost-effective and efficient Service Providers to take up the Voice transcription work.
    • Program Manage the migration.

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Comparison & Review Of Occupational Pension Products In UK

The overall objective was to

    • Carry out a comprehensive study of the Occupational Pension Products.
    • Compare the features, benefits offered by the schemes.
    • Evolve new simple, attractive products.
    • Collate the various governmental committee findings to forecast the government approach to Pension.

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Generating Early Value in HR Outsourcing

A Large financial institution with 600+ Offices in 56 locations and 24000 staff was looking at options to reduce operating costs and improving service levels. They decided to offshore chore business functions like Payroll, Human Resource.
PRGL was requested

    • Map & Reengineer the Processes,
    • Identify the Pilot,
    • Define the Metrics,
    • Program Manage the transition.

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Software Development Assurance

In today’s changing environment rapid deployment of information technology is crucial to gain a winning edge Outsourcing development is a cost-effective solution. The objective of project was,

    • Crystallize the Requirement, Milestones and Critical Success factors.
    • Identification of technology, tool and vendor,
    • Develop the Functional design,
    • Evolve the Quality framework,
    • Project Management of the development to ensure cost effective, timely deliverance.
    • Quality Acceptance testing, &
    • Catalyze Deployment.

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