Gateway services

In today’s economy it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to expand globally in order to survive; Entry into a new market requires clear understanding of the new markets dynamics, planning, strategising and a certain degree of tailoring to the specific needs and conditions of the markets. In addition, to be successful requires comprehending the particular nation’s culture, business practices, and adapting to them.

P.R.GLOlinks (P.R.GLO) facilitates the needs of the exporter who:

  • Is looking for the necessary information to access foreign markets;
  • Faces the challenges of marketing intangibles, characterized by the need to raise awareness and demonstrate credibility;
  • Understands the value of strategic planning for its cost-effectiveness with respect to avoiding mistakes;
  • Values sensitivity to cultural differences which can affect the bottom line;
  • Chooses to outsource the preparatory work due to limited internal staff and/or expertise, thereby making the process time-efficient;
  • Requires confidentiality.

P.R.GLOlinks (P.R.GLO) is a specialist, Vendor Independent ‘Right-Sourcing’ Business & Technology consultant. Assist clients, to assess and manage risks associated with global expansion programme and seamlessly integrate the processes to ensure business continuity.

P.R.GLO technically acts as Project Manager, integrates various experts, function specific executioners, source out end to end solutions, from regulatory, real estate, assisting the customer from the initial exploratory stage to stabilization of business operations.

Our extensive fundamental research on cultural variances across regions, knowledge of performance levels at these sourcing locations, best practices of similar organisations and processes, enables you to overcome potential hurdles in addressing the issues of governance, effective management of distributed processes across time zones, cultures, and geographies.

P.R.GLO‘s ‘Gateway Services’ package is a comprehensive solution encompasses initiation; planning; budgeting; strategize (Subsidiary, Joint Venture, Acquisition, Contract outsourcing); identify; develop communication, financial, governance, control frameworks; and programme manage implementation.

Use our accumulated knowledge, in-depth acumen of the business processes, comprehensive assessment of marketplace realities, and our programme management skills to achieve early success of your global expansion.Write to to know more details