We recognise ” Realization and Assimilation of Diverse Values” of primary importance to the individual and collective well being of mankind.

Hence we spend our energy and time in developing the thinking process, by

  • Educating communal harmony,
  • Promoting and encouraging respect for human rights,
  • Propagating the dignity and worth of the human person,
  • The equal rights of men and women,
  • Fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion . . .

For this we work closely with two Non Government Non Profit organisation, M/s. Sitthar Koodam, M/s. WRRC who educate, promote, propagate the above and strive towards providing equal opportunity to all without distinction to race, sex, language or religion.

We facilitate our people who voluntarily involve themselves in the above educational activities across various cross section of the society.

They also travel along with the volunteers of WRRC, Sitthar koodam to remote villages to do career guidance and counseling to the students, and share their global experiences. All such trips are sponsored by the organisation.

We also earmark a sizeable amount of our profit to sponsor fundamental research on traditional “Siddhar Medicine”.

Thus we differ in our approach to philanthropic support too.