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Our Culture Management

Business is becoming more and more global. Global Marketing and Business Process Outsourcing are the in-things today. Organisations must be able to communicate effectively across cultural differences, the understanding of how to negotiate complex social situations, and the development of familiarity with the customs and norms of many cultures. It is important for organisations to be able to work effectively across cultural differences.

Culture Management –The key to Sustained Excellence!

Moral Science in Management Science!
It is all about Being Good! Doing Better! Getting the Best!

  • Is the ‘operating system’ of an organisation.
  • It is the living, dynamic interplay of all of the shared beliefs, values, norms, and practices that are operating both consciously and unconsciously within an organisation.
  • Culture is invisible. Many happenings that cannot be explained could be attributable to Culture.
  • Culture impacts performance in unbelievable proportions
  • A Properly managed culture gives excellent results and there cannot be an excellent performance without a Good Culture
  • Culture can be measured.
  • Culture can be built, transformed, controlled and sustained.
  • It is quite possible that cultural differences exist on the basis of region, nationality, religion, race, color and what not. P.R.GlOlinks’ (PRGLO) uniqueness lies in uncovering such cultural undercurrents in an organisation.
  • Culture transformation requires working on individuals and the work climate simultaneously.
  • PRGLO uses a culture transformation tool built on ancient human science of self-realization.
  • PRGLO catalyzes transformation from “Might is Right” to “Right is Right”
  • Better Culture means Better Behavior means Better Performance.

A New Age Culture Management built on Age Old Human Science

PRGLO offers services and supports organisations, in working effectively across cultural differences. To know more details on our Culture Transformation products write to