White Papers

Offshoring Strategy

Outsourcing — business processes — is becoming a more common strategic challenge for enterprises. The economic downturn, increased competition and climate of uncertainty has pushed all enterprises to consider outsourcing their business process for the tried-and-true need to cut costs and increase organisation flexibility and efficiency. This paper highlights the criteria to be considered, preparation steps to be done.Download

Outsourcing Business Models

Offshore outsourcing has surfaced both as a strategic and tactical method of meeting new business demands. Similar to most business ventures, the challenge of offshore outsourcing lies not only in envisioning it but in executing it. Selecting the appropriate business model is a crucial factor in ensuring offshoring success. The paper gives an overview of the various business models adopted by companies to accomplish the objectives.Download

Insurance Offshoring

The presentation reviews the current Insurance model, services, drivers and inhibitors, key process outsourced /offshored.Download

Banking Outsourcing Realities

Nearly 45% of the banks that outsource have contracted with service providers to perform IT support, software development & maintenance and contact center services. The paper details the business models, strategies adopted by few global banks and the processes, which are currently handled at the offshore centers.Request for this paper

Insurance Outsourcing Realities

The paper under preparation summarizes the business models, strategies adopted by some of the global Insurance companies, and the processes being outsourced.Request for this paper