Service Provider Center

P.R.GLOlinks is a vendor independent business & technology consultant offering offshore advisory services to a global portfolio of customers. We maintain high degrees of confidentiality, openness and integrity. This has made us reputable in the industry and stand out from the crowd. We are proud of our ethics and professionalism.

Over the past few years, a number of leading organisations have been partnering with PRGL to identify, select, the right service provider in IT and ITES at the offshore locations.

Empanel your services to gain access to international customers; Our Supplier relationship team will review your application, will be in touch with you to assess your infrastructure, capabilities, to understand your services, and expertise. Selectively, we visit service providers to conduct a comprehensive due diligence to ascertain the service delivery.

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Promoting and supporting your business into the UK and European Markets may be a tall order without the right guidance. Launch your products or services in Europe using our Gateway Services

Our consultants shall partner with your HR Team to study and analyse your current Team Hierarchy and organisation structure, HR Policy and Procedures, Compensation and benefit policies, Training Policies, Appraisal systems and Recognitions, interview your current employees, study your exit interviews and

  • Analyse the Trend.
  • Breakdown and analyse by gender, department, tenure, qualification and location.
  • Develop Formulas for calculating cost of attrition.
  • Create systems, to enable collection of accurate and meaningful data for ongoing attrition analysis.
  • Development and implementation of programs, policies, and practices to reduce attrition

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PRGLO incorporates a systematic approach to analyzing, improving, and managing performance in your workplace through the use of appropriate and varied interventions.

Our specific approach to performance consulting varies with each service provider's unique business requirements. Once our business consultant meet you and understand your goals and vision, we will develop a project plan and strategy to help you realize the results you desire.

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