Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Today’s Organisation are faced with complex issue due to globalisation, deregulation, convergence, customer demanding more service, more convenience, more personalized communications in an atmosphere of extreme price sensitivity.

To remain profitable, organisation needs to integrate systems, outsource and utilise the technology innovations effectively and efficiently.

We develop long-term technology strategy that will enable your organisation to be agile, flexible, customer responsive. We also design, develop, implement solutions, which enable clients to cut costs and boost productivity.

Our Solutions include

Enterprise Integration Strategy

To strategies the level of integration required for today and tomorrow. Select the right tools, technology required to integrate the multitude of information systems to work together, enabling shared data and business process.

Technology Strategy

To develop enterprise architecture, which will have a process layer separating the process flow from the application logic enabling to react to future process change

Outsourcing Strategy

For cost effectiveness, organisations are forced to outsource technology development to multiples of culturally diverse vendors with no or limited domain expertise. We help you to, crystallizing the needs, strategize outsourcing, compare and evaluate options (Onsite/offshore models), and choose the right combination for better economies of scale and improved customer satisfaction.

Audit Technology Outsourcing

We design the interfaces, do project management, and audit the quality to ensure timely and smooth integration of these outsourced projects.