Our Expertise

We nurture Functional Experts, Process Auditors, Technology Specialists, Quality Analysts, involving them jointly in ‘Practice Groups’ to harness both explicit & tacit knowledge.

They research and develop industry specific futuristic standards and models.

‘Practice Groups’, operating in the following functional domains,

  • Automotive Industries
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Retail

With a total perspective of the past, present, and future evolve, formulate, and build new methodologies, which are comprehensive, measurable and pragmatic for sustaining excellence of our customers.

Practice Groups also acts a competency development center, involving in grooming people, developing reusable frameworks, templates, tools and helps in replicating best practices across projects.

With our collective knowledge and the dedicated pool of experts we evolve ingenious technique, formulate unique strategies and build quality solutions for achieving sustainable improvement in terms of increased revenue, decreased costs, improved efficiency and process agility.

We thus create Win – Win for our customers and their client, in a cost effective, timely manner