Case Study

Case Study

We have detailed a case study of what we do, how we do.

Customer mailed us as follows

Do you happen to know a company that has thorough experience with SAP to execute the following project Onsite/Offshore. The project needs to be started immediately.

Project Details
Project Description Development of a knowledge management platform using SAP Enterprise Portal
Functional Requirements
  • SAP EnterPrise Portal 6
  • TREX Search Engine
Current SAP environment/Version(s) SAP EP 6.0 SP 2, SAP 4.7C
No. of SAP users 300 for this project
Planned No. of KM users 300
Estimated no. of documents 1,000 (1 MB each)

Based on the requirement and discussion our Technology team members had with the Customer we defined a Service Provider Requirement Profile (SPRP) as follows

SPRP Profile

  • Experience in handling SAP Projects.
  • Expertise in SAP Enterprise Portal.
  • Willing to execute Small/ Medium Sized Project.
  • Have Office in Germany to coordinate the Visa, & act as local Support for admin, issues of the project team.
  • Availability of resources to start Immediate (Defined as 2-4 weeks)

We picked out from our Service Provider Database, 12 Service Providers matching the above SPRP.

We adopt one of the following approaches

  • Straight Fit (Single Vendor approach most suitable for
  • Select List (Shortlist 3-5 suitable vendors, for short lead time to decision)
  • Wide List (Shortlist 10+ suitable Vendors longer cycle time)

As this customer requirement was immediate we had adopted a Select list approach. Based on knowledge & experience we short-listed 3 Service Providers from the 22 matching the requirements.

Expression of Interest was mailed to the short listed Service Providers, and pricing from these Service Providers were collated and submitted to the customer.

The entire exercise was completed in 7 working days.